7 Easy Tips for Finding Your Dream Airbnb Stay

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7 Easy Tips for Finding Your Dream Airbnb Stay

When you plan a trip at the last moment is as good as gambling as all the good hotel rooms will be booked or disappearing rapidly. Not to mention the increasing cash rates. It is during times like these you really need to leave the tried and tested methods behind and jump right into the place that you are visiting. In this article, we’ll go through 7 easy ways by which you can find your stay.


1. Price Range

It is essential to know your budget. Through the map function, you’ll be able to sort by using filters. This is particularly helpful since you won’t have to go through hundreds of listings one by one. Speaking of which…

2. The Map Tool

The Airbnb app uses a map tool that helps you see what part of the city you’ll be staying in. You’ll be surprised to know that the map tool is as easy as using Google Maps. But instead of a simple map outlay, you’ll see listing in that particular area.

3. Where would you like to stay?

You’ll need to plan out a place that is convenient for you to sightsee from as travelling may be one thing that will be incredibly hectic. Make sure to book a room that is close to everywhere that you want to visit.

4. List a few places before finalising if you have the time

If you’re a spontaneous traveller, this won’t help you. But if you are someone that prides on their ability to plan things out, it’d be wise to make a list of a few places that catch your fancy. You can also add places to the list that are convenient for your travel.

5. Call the hosts before you book the room

Make sure to inquire the owner of the place so as to get a clear idea about the area. After all, it is their city. They’d know what is best. You can also check if the room meets all your requirements. If you’re worried about the language barrier, that’s okay because the Airbnb messaging service has a built-in translator that will ensure both parties are clear about everything.

6. Reviews are important

People often look at the rating to get an idea about the host. But if you’re going to a foreign place, you’ll have to know about every tiny detail that you can gather. That is why reviews are critical.

7. Unique listings

While picking a room might be easy, if you look hard enough, you’ll see listings that might blow your expectations out of the water. You can find really good rooms that would be worth every penny.

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